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FH Design is a web design company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The web design company offers numerous services to its consumers such as Website design, Product design, Marketing material design, Merchandise deign, and customs design. As a web design company, FH Design has been able to market its services and product to many people who have come along to require the services of its output. The company believes that with the augmenting rate of technological advancements and the world turning into “a global village”, the essentiality of its products in the market will increase. FH Design aims at meeting the consumer requirements in the market despite the stiff competition by offering quality services to its customers.



competitive environment for
FH Design

There exist many design companies offering the same services around Amsterdam who make up the competitive environment for FH Design. The premises where the company carries out its services have been setup to accommodate a large number of people. Through the marketing of its services, FH Design hopes to attract a lot of people to utilize the services offered by the company.


high profiles


The company has dealt with a number of high profiles including ETX capital Spread Betting, ForexInformatie.com that offers a “volledige iforex review 2020“, The Online Casino Casumo.com which won best online casino at the IGB Awards


Dutch internet casino leovegascasino which is known of its gratis spins bij registratie, the casino bonus guide FSNDNW, Danone, and Sixt Holland among many other clients, which you can find here. Internet services are also offered at the company at the convenience of the customer.


FH Design has partnered with other leading wed design companies to make the services offered to the customers to be of high quality. The prices set out by the company is consumer-friendly not to limit anyone from accessing and enjoying the web design services. 

services in Amsterdam

Government of Netherlands

With regards to the regulatory requirements, FH Design has been licensed by the Government of Netherlands to carry out its services in Amsterdam. The registration details of the company can be confirmed by sending a short message service with the name of the company to the Web Design Industrial Board.



The web design company

The web design company has set out other small branches around the nine streets of Amsterdam for the convenience of the customers. The company provides its contact information in the website for the consumers and the potential customers. The office or operational hours for the company during weekdays are as from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 12 noon during weekends.


FH Design also offers
tutoring services

Tutoring among other learning lessons can also be organized upon request. FH Design also offers tutoring services for individuals who might be interested in working with the company. The scarcity of web design companies due to few number of people with knowledge about web designing is an inconvenience in the market. Customers’ involvement in the market operations of the company has seen to it that the customers benefit most from the services that the company offers. 


quality of services offered by the company

FH Design takes into consideration customers’ views about the quality of services offered by the company and takes note of the necessary changes that need to be enforced to meet the requirements and the needs of the customers. Any concerns raised by the customers about the company are considerable handled at the customers’ interests. The company has employed a number of people to help in executing the services provided at FH. One of our biggest sponsors that helped us through the tough times when we just had a few clients was plus500. A special mention goes to them because we would not be here if it was not for them. Plus500 is a online Forex broker company that specializes in trading foreign currencies online.