Our Story


FH Design

FH Design was started in 2012 by 2 graphic designers that just finished their studies at the University of Rotterdam. The two graphic designers and founders are Eric de Vries and Nicholas Visser; both are from Breda in the Netherlands. Eric de Vries is currently engaged to Tori Kelly and the two are planning on exchanging vows in January 2018. On the other hand, Nicholas Visser is single at the moment and declares that he still has a lot to offer for the company before he can think of settling down. Eric and Nicholas find web designing being an interesting work to pursue; and the two are amazed at how they developed on their interests to come up with ways through which they could have bread on their table and a place to shelter. Eric and Nicholas are close neighbors along Rotterdam, they interact so often that at times they are presumed brothers.

company employee

Today the company employee number is 6 plus the 2 founders which are both lead designers. The lead designers have employed people with excellent skills in web design in the various areas covered by the service requirements of a web design company.


The employees in the company come from different cultures but through the convergence of the company, the staff has seen to it that they keep the company’s culture at its best regardless of their backgrounds. Competence is one of the guiding cultures among the employees at FH Design. 


The employees in the company together with the founders hold parties and events together as a sign of unity and them being a family. Motivations are some of the benefits which the employees enjoy as a result of making the best sales in the market. The company’s culture allows the bringing in of new innovative ideas which can be used to make the company a better design company in the whole world.


consumers and customers

FH Design has prioritized in providing the best for its consumers and customers. Customers who have a huge impact on the consumption rate of the products and services offered by a company have not been left out from partaking in various activities that require their consent as far as the company is concerned. For instance, when the company wants to make a change in any of its service or maybe to increase its product, FH Design has always consulted the customers before enforcing the change. The company has plans of increasing the number of employees from the tuition candidates and any willing parties are called to go for interviews at FH Design.

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web design industry

As far as the web design industry is concerned, FH Design has earned many awards accruing to its quality web designing services which it offers to sustain the industry. The company still aims at broadening the range of services which it offers to its clients. Door-to-door deliveries will be increased with the availability of employees. Plans are underway for the company to enforce other marketing strategies and incentives for better selling of its services.