range of services

The company provides a range of services that concern the internet and the web. The services offered by FH Design are dynamic to meet the needs of the customers in the market. Among the services offered by the company are: Website design, Product design, Marketing material design, Merchandise design, and Custom designs. The services are carried out by different within the company who have specialized in different areas of operation. The company is divided into different departments depending encompassing all the services offered by the company, thus a department is meant to deal with a certain service. The web designers working at the company offer their services of the company at the different departments within the company.

Website design

Website design mostly involves the creation of websites for the customers depending on what the information which they provide to be used in the website.

broader designing

Website design also exists as a broader designing aspect, thus when the customer comes for such a service, he/she has only to explain the service which he/she wants from the web designer and leave it up to the designer to see which service the customer wants.

interface design

Website designing entails interface design, designing web graphics, and authoring. Web design requires a lot of skills and experience in the computer and technology sector. The company has a specialist who has specialized in designing websites for the customers

web designer

The client has to provide all the details that he/she wants to appear on his/her website and then the web designer uses his knowledge to come up with a satisfying and appealing website for the customer.

product design

Another service offered by FH Design is product design which is the coming up with a new product for the customer for the customer to use in the market. The service of product designing is presumed as a business within a business.


Just as website design, there is also a designer who specializes in product designing. Dealing with product design requires a lot from the customer right from the branding of the product, the labeling, and the standardization.


necessary information

The customer has to carry out a lot of research to gather all the necessary information that will be used in designing the product. Product design is meant to help the customer beat his/her competitors in the market and realize more profits and sales from the existence of his/her product in the market.


designing of items

Marketing material design

Marketing material design involves the designing of items to be used to create brand recognition and consumer awareness among the consumers and the potential customers. The materials which can be designed to market a product include brochures, newsletters, bookmarks, flyers, articles, menus, labels, promotional giveaways, and postcards. The marketing materials contain the details about the company indicating the types of products and services which the company deals with. The specialist in this line of design, with the help of the customer come up with a well-prepared marketing material design to earn the customer consumer attraction. Marketing material design is another form of a business within a business type of services which benefits both the service provider and the service consumer.


merchandise design

The merchandise design specialist indicates that merchandise design mainly involves the branding of item(s) which the client wants to sell in the market. The items which are designed by the merchandise designer include among others, shirts, dresses, hats, bicycles, vehicles, mats, frames, curtains, and helmets. Merchandise designing involve bulky items or items which exist with a wide range and require multiplicity. Merchandise design aims at marketing the broad range of items which the customer has to sell in the market. Conversely, customs design serves the same purpose as merchandise design, the connection comes through the branding of the items the customer wants to design for marketability purposes.