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WordPress - Designed With
The Basics In Mind

WordPress is extremely popular mainly because it’s easy to learn and can be used right away. It has a plug-and-play design that gets rid of technical boundaries so anyone can use it even with zero knowledge in coding or no skills in web design.
WordPress is a word processor that is easy to navigate even for newbies. You just have to point and click to get it working. It’s a CMS that grows with you so the pain points are easily eliminated as you learn the basics of WordPress.


The Best Operating System

Basically, WordPress is the operating system of your website. It’s similar to Android or iOS for your smartphones. This is said to be leader of all operating systems. In fact, around 32% of all major websites are run in WordPress. This is the primary engine that allows your website to run while you update posts and pages, and edit the content of your site.
WordPress is basic in design yet its horsepower is focused on its customization features. It can run different kinds of websites – from e-commerce or business sites to personal sites – using its open source platform.
The developers can tweal and build on the background code while the newbies can use it with full functionality like a pro.


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It’s Easy to Learn!

One of the beauty of using WordPress is that is it’s very easy to learn. It’s a no-brainer. WordPress is easy to set up and run without technical know-how. It used to be frustrating and difficult for non-develoopers to busild sites because of the lack of understanding in terms of CSS and HTML coding.

WordPress changed all that. Now, even those with basic computer skills can easily figure out and build their own website. In addition, WordPress being a CMS allows you to create a site that is fully customized and designed for your type of content. It has a basic point-and-click interface that allows you to stick with the basics while adding new content. You can go as simple or dig in deeper with the technicalities of WordPress – it’s all up to your speed!


WordPress has upgrades from thousands of expert developes that allow the CMS to grow with your brand. It is designed with one-click auto-installers that will have you running WordPress without any programming experience. It’s just like working on Microsoft Word – only better.


This is powerful to use by experienced website developers and easy to use by those with decent computer skills. Its modular interface allows anyone to build whatever they want with WordPress. As a developer, you can dig deeper into its PHP, CSS, or JavaScript or just settle with the basics. It’s flexible and can go as big or small as you want it.


You can easily write and publish content with WordPress because of its intuitive CMS that will also allow you to create a layout or distinct look for your site.


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What started as a simple blogging tool has expanded to creating and building all types of websites from scratch. WordPress has a highly customizable CMS that allows you to create news sites, online stores, professional business websites, or personal blogs just the way you imagine it.